Work Diary Mate

A log checker for the Truck or Bus Driver

Work Diary Mate is the easiest and most intuitive work diary assistant and log book checker there is. Available to install as an App on your mobile device, Work Diary Mate’s design is based on the Australian National Driver Work Diary for Heavy Vehicles so you will know how to use it straight away. It has been designed with the driver’s needs in mind. It will take all the effort and guess work out of maintaining your work diary. Simply tap a button when you start and stop driving and the App will do the rest; count down all upcoming rest breaks, automatically fill in your work and rest hours for you, total your hours and notify you if a breach has occurred. You can use Work Diary Mate’s Future Planning feature to enter in the work you plan to do, to see if you’re at risk of exceeding the maximum work hours, or not stopping soon enough to fit in a required rest break. Try the App for freefind out more about the app or view our Quick Start Video

Log Checking for the Back Office

Whether you are an individual driver or manage a fleet of heavy vehicles and their drivers, the Windows version of Work Diary Mate can help you stay compliant and makes log book checking a breeze. With a design based on the Australian National Driver Work Diary for Heavy Vehicles, you will know how to use it straight away. Better still, if your drivers are using the Work Diary Mate Mobile App, real time data can be automatically transferred from the driver’s mobile device into the Windows software using the Synchronsation feature. Say goodbye to manually entering work diary sheets. Processing a week’s worth of log books or more and hitting a button to produce a report will be done in a matter of minutes. This will save you time and effort. Keep track of compliance notes per breach and remediation action, know what your drivers are doing in real time. Try the Windows software for free

Work Diary Mate for the Back Office in use:
Work Diary Mate Screen Shot

Work Diary Mate for Mobile is ideal for drivers on the go to show them when they need to stop driving and when they can start again. Please Note: This product is a Work Diary assistant, not an Electronic Work Diary (EWD). You still need to fill in your paper work diary if you use this product.

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