The Problem

You are a truck driver or you have drivers working for you. Paperwork would be one of your least favourite things to do and maintaining your National Driver Work Diary log book sits squarely in that category.

You not only have to keep in mind all of the rules and regulations around when you can drive and how long you can drive for, but also what you were doing up to two weeks ago because that can impact when you have to stop driving today.

The HVNL (Heavy Vehicle National Law) rules are complex and using pen and paper to keep track of your driving and rest time is fraught with danger. (Work / Rest Hours: Standard, BFM)

There is a Chain of Responsibility that your company operates under. For more details view the latest fact sheet from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator here.

Make a single mistake and you can be up for a fine of many thousands of dollars.

There is a better way.

The Solution