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Work Diary Mate offers you a number of reports to help you track and fix problems.

Non Conformance Report (NCR)

To the right of each daily sheet a NCR can be easily raised to record an issue and action taken to address it. The report can be printed off to give to your driver and saved electronically as PDF depending on your printer setup. The non conformance data you enter can be extracted by selecting from a variety of NCR summary reports.

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Driver Reports

Driver reports can be generated by selecting the Reporting menu item, then Driver Reports and a date range.

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You can choose from a Summary Report by selecting the Print this table button which gives you an overview of a driver’s activity. Or a Detailed Driver Report by checking the box beside the required sheets and selecting the Print Detailed Report of selected Worksheets button. If a driver is in breach, the Detailed Driver Report gives an explanation about the assigned rule which has been breached.

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These reports can be printed off to give to your driver and saved electronically as PDFs depending on your printer setup. You can also generate a Work Summary Driver Report which provides you with the total hours worked by each of your drivers and the number of days on which breaches have occurred. The Driver – Personal Details Report lists the dates associated with your drivers licence expiry and medical checks.

Missing Pages/Work Diary No. Exception Report

This report displays any missing Work Diary pages for your drivers as well as identifying any exceptions such as invalid or duplicate work diary numbers.

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Driver Work Diary Report

This report makes it easier to keep track of when drivers start and finish their work diaries, allowing you to identify drivers who are potentially losing log books on a frequent basis.

Number Plate Usage Report

This report allows you to easily identify which driver used a particular vehicle on a given day. For example if you received an infringement notice, you can generate this report to identify the driver the infringement notice relates to.

Compliance Statement

This report can be used for auditing purposes to validate driver statistics and breaches.

Breach Report

This report displays a summary of driver worksheets for a selected date range for a Base and/or Driver that contains breaches, NCRs and External IDs.

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