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Tips for Future Planning – Mobile

Work Diary Screen

You can use Work Diary Mate’s Future Planning feature to enter in proposed work to see if you are at risk of exceeding the maximum work hours, or not stopping soon enough to fit in a required rest break.

When you’re not driving and are in Rest mode, you can enter in the proposed work schedule on the Work Diary screen. Work Diary Mate will take into account the work and rest you have had to see if you will remain compliant if you undertake this work.

If a breach is to occur, Work Diary Mate will display the block of time in red. You can tap on this red block to see a detailed explanation of the breach if you were to undertake this work.

Example Scenario

In the example below the driver starts working at 7am and he ends his shift at 8pm. He has worked the maximum 12 hours in a 24 hour period allowed under Standard hours.

work diary mate mobile

The scheduler asks the driver if he can start work at 6am the next day. In the Work Diary Mate app the driver manually enters in a 15 min work block at 6am on the next day and the block goes red.

work diary mate mobile

He taps on the red block which tells him that he would breach the maximum work rule if he was to start work at 6am. The 24 hour period is from 7am on Thursday to 7am on Friday.

work diary mate mobile

The driver cannot start work again until 7am on Friday. When the driver enters work in at 7am, the block displays green, letting him know that he can start working.

work diary mate mobile
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